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Liquidity disclosure

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q3 FY 23

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q2 FY 23

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q1 FY 23

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q4 FY 22

  • Liquidity disclosure Q3 FY 22

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q2 FY 22

  • Liquidity disclosure website Q1 FY 22

  • Liquidity disclosure Q4 FY21

  • Liquidity disclosure Q3 FY21

  • Liquidity disclosure Q2 FY21

  • Liquidity disclosure Q1 FY21

  • Liquidity disclosure Q4 FY20


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Fraud Disclaimer

Vistaar Financial Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Company’) has been made aware that individuals purporting to act as, or on The company’s behalf and using The company’s name (either in full as detailed in the beginning of this disclaimer or in various forms with some or more similarities) have approached prospective loan speakers in the general public offering loans. These approaches are intended to defraud individuals and damage the reputation of the Company. Any communication that is sent from The Company is either sent from our registered domain name or through formal correspondence. Under no circumstances should nay money be transferred to any individual or entity. Without having first conducted due diligence on that recipient of those funds.

If you receive what you believe is an email from any individual purporting to represent The Company or are approached by any individual who is unable to demonstrate that he is a legitimate employee of The Company, please call us at 080 49373037 or forward doubtful email communications to us at, forwarding the email or letter, and alternatively report this to your local police Vistaar Financial Services Private Limited does not tolerate such frauds/criminal activity in any form and shall not be considered liable for any loss or inconvenience resulting from communication or business transactions with unauthorize individuals or entities.

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