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October 3, 2016

Vistaar Crosses Rs. 1,000 Crores Portfolio

Thank you -1000 Cr support


Message from Mr. Brahmanand Hegde, Executive Vice Chairman & Mr. Ramakrishna Nishtala, MD & CEO

Six years and five months after we started, we have reached this significant milestone of Rs. 1,000 Crores Portfolio. At this scale, we can take satisfaction from the fact that we have clearly transitioned from the startup to the growth phase of our Company. We had a dream of being the preferred specialised financial services provider focusing on the underserved small businesses and are firmly on the track of fulfilling it. More importantly, we are heartened to see that many more financial institutions are now viewing the small business segment as a viable one to lend to. Indeed, the Reserve Bank of India has actually created a whole new specialised category termed ‘Small Finance Bank’, wholly focused on this segment.


At Vistaar, we believe that success comes from a continuous focus on innovation and execution. These concepts are not only vital to delivering best customer satisfaction, but also to do so on a sustainable basis. For most of our Customers, borrowing from the organised sector is a first time experience. Hence, it is important for us to deliver best products and services to enhance Customer experience, and to make Vistaar a most preferred financial institution to work with as they grow.

We disbursed the first loan during June, 2010 and since then the portfolio has grown by over 300 times from Rs. 3 Crs. as of August, 2010 to Rs. 1,000 Crs. as of August, 2016 and at a healthy CAGR of ~160%. The Company has expanded to 198 Branches, 12 States and catered to more than ~1,40,000 underserved small business entrepreneurs across multiple sectors, with cumulative loan disbursements of more than Rs. 1,700 Crores, and earning the trust of our Investors, Lenders and other stakeholders along the way.


We have had both successes and failures, and every experience has taught us something new and has helped us refine our business processes. We will continue to focus on organic growth while tapping into the skills and talent of our experienced team and will work hard to develop new ideas and products or approaches to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

Senior Management Team

Vistaar’s employees have been the greatest strength and valuable assets of the Company and have played a pivotal role in bringing the Company to this level. They follow the highest standards of ethics and always strive to deliver the best to our Customers.

Growth @ Vistaar

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders including Customers, Investors, Lenders and to each and every Vistaarian who contributed to the Company’s growth, during this journey.

Vistaar Official