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September 1, 2015

Forward Together


In early 2015, on its 5th anniversary, Vistaar undertook a mammoth task of rebranding the company. Extensive research on ground with our customers indicated that Vistaar is perceived as proactive company, creating opportunities that enable transformation. In terms of solidifying this valuable goodwill among our customers and to align with the future ambition of the company, we began the journey of rebranding.

It began with a new logo that captures the rock-solid and steady input from Vistaar and the consequent leapfrog impact on the customer as a result. Post that our website, our office interiors, signages and all other brand assets have been refreshed to build consistency across the board.

Over the next three years Vistaar will transition to the high growth stage. More importantly, the number of Vistaarians will go up from current 1400 to over 3000. Having served close to 70,000 customers and still counting, Vistaar is a collective brand owned by our customers, employees, investors and all well-wishers. Our brand theme captures it succinctly – “Forward Together”

The new brand could not have been released at a better time. It was received with much enthusiasm by our Vistaarians and the board is already unleashing fresh energy across the value chain.


Vistaar Official